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Sexual Misconduct - Name Them and Shame Them Downloadable Coloring Pages

Price: Complimentary Downloadable Coloring Pages
Item Number: SCB-SM
Manufacturer: Really Big Coloring Books, Inc. ®
Manufacturer Part No: ISBN 978-1-61953-224-3

Sexual Misconduct - Name Them and Shame Them Downloadable Coloring Pages (8.5" x 11")

St. Louis, MO 10-16-2017:
Really Big Coloring Books® Inc. releases a new cultural event book entitled: “Sexual Misconduct – Name Them and Shame Them” available now for ages 18+ or with adult supervision. If you know an ABUSER then come forward DO NOT HIDE THE ABUSE.

Our company declares October 16th, 2017 report an abuser day and REPORT A SEXUAL ABUSER ANY DAY OF THE YEAR!

“In an effort to help combat sexual misconduct RBCB has produced a product that engages the reader from a different angle. Common sense ain’t common says Publisher Wayne Bell. Break it down, try not be afraid and confront the issue of sexual misconduct. Bell continued, Contact the media about “The System” and all you know about it. Notify law enforcement, family, friends, associates and acquaintances concerning the abuser. Some victims and their support team will let the abuser know they will visit them at work, at the job, in public, anyone that supports your behavior will be called out with you. Sexual abusers can be a neighbor, the rich and powerful, a drug dealer, a religious leader, a drug addict or drunk person with bad judgment. Confront an abuser with your team in place.”

The new book sells for $6.99 and is available for order immediately at it will begin shipping in two weeks. The 36 page book covers a variety of issues concerning sexual misconduct and contains informational pieces from professionals in law enforcement, the health care industry and violence centers.

The websites listed in this product are available publicly online as of October 16th, 2017 as qualified sites in which to offer help to victims of abuse. The publisher does not endorse or verify the legitimacy of any site and encourages the reader to access both national and local resources for sexual abuse issues. This book and all the information contained and all emails regarding this serious issue are subject to review by legal and/or law enforcement authorities.

Included with this book is a message of encouragement to the of victims of abuse to reach out to the CONFIDENTIAL email address in which any and all emails will be cataloged, potentially viewed by legal staff, potentially referred to law enforcement and we urge you to include your name, contact information if you make a claim of being abused. The company in no way makes the argument to take action on any email except to highly encourage the abused to reach out to their local health care, legal and law enforcement authorities.

Availability: Complimentary Downloadable Coloring Pages
ISBN: 978-1-61953-224-3
8.5" wide x 11" tall

Sexual Misconduct - Name Them and Shame Them Coloring Book
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