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Serial Killers and Infamous Monsters Coloring Book 18+ Adult Audience

Price: $9.87
Item Number: SCB-SKIM
Manufacturer: Really Big Coloring Books, Inc. ®
Serial Killers and Infamous Monsters Coloring Book 18+ Adult Audience
*Listen to a sample of the song here

This book details humans at their worst. SERIAL KILLERS and THEIR CRIMES. Horrific detail designed to educate and inform NOT to dignify or glorify in any regard. These are REAL MURDERS who have willingly chose to hurt real people. Society will relegate them to their demise.

Serial killers: a mixture of abnormal psychological features resulting in a distinctive classification of their own. Deranged humans, often with parental issues, that manifest into a psychological gratification for murder as the usual motive for serial killing. Many of the bed wetting serial killers involve sexual contact with their victims. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) states that the motives of serial killers can include anger, thrill-seeking, financial gain, and attention seeking. Not to exclude pure ignorance, stupidity and an inherit evil rarely matched by the most onerous of people. The murders may be attempted or completed in a similar fashion every time. The victims may have something in common, for example, demographic profile, appearance, gender or race. Serial killers are frightening humans that in indeed are the center of many true to life nightmares.

This book contains frightening astonishment with some of the world’s most hated and loved killers in shocking intensely picturesque, illustrated detail, including Serial Killer Trading Cards.
Also included is the original song by Shaytan Music - Lose Your Head with a song page including lyrics.

People loath and love serial killers, giving them a cult-like following from those with a morbid fascination often resulting in an obsession. With their morbid historical crimes etched in history, law enforcement, psychiatrists, family members, FBI profilers, haters and lovers have tried to get into their minds to discover the nature of the crime and what made them tick. Inside this bone-chilling, blood curdling graphic novel coloring book, you’ll discover dozens of the world’s most notorious serial killers. Show in true form and depicted with stunning and detailed illustrations, with body count, biographic information and accurate reflections of their lives, this book is not for the faint of heart. It is real, drastic, disturbingly accurate and a reflection of humanities worst.

For those with morbid intrigue, mere curiosity, and a questionable conscience of why, this book will bring a chill. Included are a world first, Serial Killer Trading Cards, on high gloss paper for you view in stunning detail. Included is their symbolism, killer weapons of choice and a help page in case you know of a suspected killer or serial killer.

Serial Killer Trading Cards, high quality gloss covers, high quality coloring book paper.

Usually ships in 2-4 business days.
ISBN: 978-1-61953-452-0
ISRC: QZ-9FM-21-00012
8.5" wide x 11" tall

44 pages of art with 4 pages of Trading Cards
Song page: Lose Your Head by Shaytan Music with lyrics: *Listen to a sample of the song here
Serial Killers and Infamous Monsters Coloring Book
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