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Being Gay Is Okay - Fabulous Gay Sharing Cards

Being Gay Is Okay Coloring Book Novel

The "Being Gay is Okay Book" has been reviewed by psychologists and contains information for adults, educators and older children. Subject matter Adult Coloring Books is constructed biographically with integrity and does not encourage sexual behavior.

Product Reviews

(36 Ratings, 8 Reviews) Average Rating:
Groundbreaking - On Target - Personal
Diversity Awareness M.W (Illinois) 4/5/2013 2:19 PM
This book is for anyone not just for the gay community. A refreshing common sense interpretation of some of the many LGBT issues we are all watching on the daily newscasts. The book brings into a very personal reality what the broadcasters has been talking about for years. You want to know if you can be gay and successful: yes you can be. This is a snap shot in a moment of time: a comprehensive viewpoint of life as a gay. The book is not about sex it's about gay people the lifestyle and how magnificent a life can be. No lights, no camera, no action; just the book. It is real and I like it! There has never been a book published like this one. (Could have done without the Barney Frank card---how about a nice gay republican next time.-- :) )
Happy Days - Gay Trading Cards
Laura S. (Saint Louis) 4/3/2013 3:39 PM
We ordered 6 books. I am sure we will get more soon enough. Already Jane in our office has traded her Bernie Sanders and Richard Chamberlain for my Jody Foster. Mysteriously, Jody Foster went missing from Neven’s copies as well. All positive vibes for the big coloring book company! THANKS.
Long time coming.
P.K.- Accountant (Saint Louis County) 4/2/2013 1:23 PM
This book was a long time coming, congratulations. Our office purchased five.
Addressing a Core Belief
James R. (MS) 4/2/2013 11:40 AM
The "Being Gay is Okay" book brings home a thought provoking reality that being gay really might be okay. Friends and I went through this book. It is an interesting book, educational, informative and not 'inappropriate' as my one conservative buddy expected. The people mentioned inside are successful, modern, everyday, famous and true to life role models. Excellent examples anyone can look up to. The only "fault" my one conservative friend could find, is that some of the people are gay, which is not a fault at all. I think this company is engaging people in heavy discussion with the book. Admittedly one friend said it really him made him uncomfortable to think being gay is okay, direct opposite of his upbringing. While addressing a core belief is not easy, accolades on the work, let alone, the bravery it took to publish and distribute. I think the coloring book company understands some individuals will accept this product while others will take offense at the mere name. As Martin said......Keep Hope Alive.
Just what the country needed.
J., Braun (Illinois) 3/30/2013 9:28 PM
After reviewing the beautiful sharing cards and reading through the book, my partner and I left it out for our grand children to find when they came over today. One child is 14 and the other is 12. What a great time and conversation we had about gay people. Just what the country needed; plain spoken, easy to understand, elegant and a classy representation of wonderful human beings. An interesting day and evening with an incredible new coloring book. This took a tiny little burden off our shoulders. Thanks.
Retired - Social Services
Dee Ann (MO) 3/29/2013 9:52 AM
Having worked with children of all ages and being retired from the industry, this book would have been helpful years ago in my career and with our staff. The company that created the product (Yes - I have looked at every single page.) certainly initiates discussion and it is appropriate, given the topic at hand. The roles models featured in the book, I think, are to be looked up to and admired for their success in life, alone, irregardless of their other attributes. Giving credit where its due: Being Gay Is Okay - and some adults need to learn this lesson. (4.5 stars) - no body is perfect.
I want the book and will get it tomorrow.
Jen Everly (Ladue, MO) 3/27/2013 6:03 PM
These people are better than nice. They are great. They have a copy waiting on me and I am not gay
Visited the coloring book office today.
Gino A. (Saint Louis, MO) 3/27/2013 5:55 PM
My wife and I read the article on the Saint Louis Post web about this company last night. We wanted to know who would make a book for children on this gay topic. Today we went in their offices for a visit. They were pleasant and as kind as one could be to a customer but very busy. Personally I do not believe in this gay book but I liked the people working there and we bought some other book instead for our granddaughter. My said wife she liked the book online and I guess the gays will buy the book. I am getting old.

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