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We Shall Never Forget 9/11 - The Kids Book of Freedom - A Graphic Coloring Novel (published Aug. 2011)

Price: $4.99
Item Number: 9/11-WSNF
Manufacturer: Really Big Coloring Books, Inc. ®
We Shall Never Forget 9/11 Vol. 2
Terrorist Trading Cards included.
LEARN about Terrorism 
Supplement w/ every book.

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As clarified in September 2011, the graphic coloring novel We Shall Never Forget 9/11 The Kids Book of Freedom published August 3rd, 2011 is based on wire reports - news accounts and contains original pictorials concerning the May 2011 shooting of terrorist Osama bin Laden (OBL). This book has nothing to do with the US Administration's movie plans on the killing of bin Laden.  Our company has not been in contact with Hollywood film makers or anyone else in the entertainment industry. We had zero contact with the Administration concerning this book and the
book was not published for marketing research. A section inside this book is based on the facts similar to statements by President Barack H. Obama on live television and other facts surrounding the 9/11 radical Muslim Islamic terrorist OBL and his reign of American hatred; including OBL's elimination at the hands of SEAL Team Six directed from the orders issued by President George W. Bush. 

To the American people and all others who may read this child's coloring book, We Shall Never Forget is designed (8.5" x 11", 36 pages.) to be a tool that parents can use to help teach children about the facts surrounding 9/11. This book also describes basic freedoms in America. We suggest parental guidance. As the 9/11 events are shown countless times on national media, this book will help children understand the meaning of these events. The book was created with honesty, integrity, reverence, respect and does not shy away from the truth. In this book you will see what happens to a terrorist who orders others to bomb our peace loving nation. Adult Coloring Books

The September 11, 2001 attacks on America are now commonly referred to as 9/11. It was a series of coordinated attacks by a radical Islamic Muslim extremist terrorist group who call themselves Al Qaeda. They were self-proclaimed Jihadists; many American people refer to them as homicide bombers. Their leader was a Saudi national named Osama Bin Laden. He and his men used hijacked U.S. airplanes as weapons. A total of 3,000+ innocent people from over 70 countries were killed. There were no survivors from any of the airplanes.

Terrorism is human made and is very old; it comes in people of all shapes, sizes, and colors. We Shall Never Forget 9/11.
Current examples of modern evil are the Radical Islamic Muslim Tsarnaev brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar, one of which became a US Citizen on 9/11/2012.

Germany Frankfurter Allgemeine coverage of 9/11 Coloring Book  Malbuch soll Kinder an 9/11 erinnern
Shipping to Europe 1-book=$7.95, 2-books=$12.95, 3-books= 25.95, etc

YouTube Video of 9/11 Book from Publisher

Parental guidance is suggested the publisher has issued a new rating guide for this childrens graphic and coloring novel book.
To view the press release and video click here:
 The New York Times 
Austin Considine "Noticed" Fashion & Style, June 15, 2012
.......But publishing houses like Mr. Bell’s have discovered that selling political literature to children is also good business."
School Library Journal "The world's leading reviewer of books, multimedia, and technology for children and teens!"
A coloring book depicting the events of September 11, 2001 is attracting criticism for what some call a "lack of sensitivity"..........."We do say 'radical Muslim Islamic extremists' because that's what those men were," Bell says. "The book does not address Muslims, period. It does not address the Islamic faith. It addresses the 19 hijackers and Osama Bin Laden. Period."
  L. Barack Journalist - Writer - Blogger -Mother.

Journal Broadcast Group - ABC News Radio "Author of the Week Blog KSGF Mornings with Nick Reed "
The We Shall Never Forget Kids Book of Freedom Publisher was named and featured as "Author of the Week" on Friday,September 9th on KSGF Mornings with Nick Reed of ABC News Radio the Journal Broadcast Group.
Nick Reed Journalist - Radio Talk Show Host

CNN Dr. Drew Show Headline News - 9/11 Coloring Book
What's incredible and shameful said Bell, "A spokesperson for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR )calls the 9/11 Kids Book of Freedom "disgusting" and refers to actions of Bin Laden and his 19 hijackers as a simple "tragedy"! "Katrina was a tragedy", added Bell. "What Bin Laden did, is simply called terror and that is why Pres. Obama justified the elimination of terrorist Osama." Publisher appears on Dr. Drew's CNN program and verifies the coloring novel does not promotes anti-Muslim stereotypes and does not mention the Muslim Faith, even one time. CAIR director takes offense to images of the Christian Cross on woman's neck and compares the 9/11 book to cartoons of the 1940's; in reference to the Japanese 1941 sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.
Chris JacobsThe Dr. Drew Show HLN NEWS 

The New Yorker
Most of the children in elementary schools today were born after September 11, 2001, and this presents parents with a dilemma: How do you explain the event to a child who has no first-hand knowledge of it? As the ten-year anniversary approaches, parents worrying about how to handle the subject can breathe a sigh of relief.
Elizabeth Minkel

Chicago Tribune 9/11
Bell said the book is mild compared with the graphic video games children play or even footage of the attacks that shows people plunging from the World Trade Center towers.
"It's a generic black-and-white coloring book with tender language for the children and their parents," Bell said. "It's designed as a teaching and learning tool, and it's a memorial tribute to the families of 9/11."

Carlos Sadovi

CBS Atlanta 9-11
The graphic coloring book is called "We Shall Never Forget 9/11--The Kids' Book of Freedom." It starts with Osama bin Laden plotting to attack the United States, and ends with the raid on his compound.The coloring book has a PG rating and is only available online.
News Desk Wire Reports

Stars and Stripes 9-11
A recently published children's coloring book, called "We Shall Never Forget 9/11: The Kids' Book of Freedom," has stirred controversy since its release, being labeled everything from "disaster porn" to propaganda. Is it an attention-grabbing publicity stunt, or an effort to educate kids about the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and the decade of fighting that followed? “It’s really designed for older kids, not preschoolers,” said Bell in a phone interview. “It’s designed to be a teaching and learning tool for parents and teachers to use with their children.”
By John Vandiver

NBC Dallas Fort Worth
Right, right, “Those who don't learn from history are destined to repeat it,” agreed. Lessons, though, come in different forms and different degrees. A coloring book, or graphic novel, for kids, might take the history lesson of terroristic attacks on the United States and the war on terrorism to an extreme degree. Might. You decide.
Bruce Phelps Commentary

Fox News 4 WDAF
Is a Coloring Book About 9/11 Inappropriate and Anti-Islam,
good teaching tool or confusing to children?

Staff Reports FOX4 KC

Publisher says the book "demonstrates honesty, reverence, integrity and good character, with a historic and educational perspective".
Julie Banovic Reporter WXYZ Detroit

Globe and Mail Toronto Canada
Publisher defends graphic 9/11 colouring book
As the world prepares to mark the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, a controversial children's colouring book entitled We Shall Never Forget 9/11: The Kids' Book of Freedom is drawing ire and a defence from the publisher who argues it's just a learning tool.

Zosia Bielski The Hot Button Globe and Mail

Talking Points Memo
Outside The Lines? 9/11 Coloring Book Seeks To Tell Kids 'Truth' About Terrorism
Bell said people's feedback to that page has been positive. Parents tell him that when they show their kids that image, they understand that "we got him." "If you bomb our country, America will chase you 'til the very end," he said. "That's what it shows." Bell insists it's not ideological, described himself as a "very liberal" guy, and his company has published all types of books.

David Taintor New York, New York

Availability: Usually ships in 2-5 business days.

(119 Ratings, 43 Reviews)

(Egypt)9/12/2011 9:23 AM

i did went go to my post office box to check and got this. some people are against this magazine....personally i dont find it anymore disturbing than the coverage of 9-11 10th year annaversary and all the publicity on that going on. Everyone is watching that and seeing nothing wrong with that... just my personall opnion. what is deffernce for a simple truth of Osama.

Philosopher - Educator
Heney, Mark(California)9/12/2011 8:54 AM

"Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake." Victor Hugo

Thank you for providing this parent/teacher tool
Ellen. B.(North Carolina)9/8/2011 1:58 PM

I just wanted to thank you for providing a parent/teacher tool for introducing to our children the historic atrocity that occured on 9/11/01 here in the United States. May God protect your staff from any retrobution for being a strong leader in published material. WE THE PEOPLE are a strong nation, and with the help of people like your company and our God, we can recover. Thank you again! An NC native 
Viet Nam Vet
Bruce Waltz.(USA)9/8/2011 1:44 PM

WOW If we do not stand up for America - who will.... Remember: "If good men doing nothing, then Evil men will prevail." Honestly, I hope you make millions from sales of your 9/11 coloring book. Please be careful because Muslim believers have infiltrated our government, that's the only way our country could be destroyed - from within. Sad Best to you and your company Bruce Waltz Viet Nam Vet
J. Brennan
(CA)9/6/2011 9:23 PM

"In rememberance of 9/11. The true story. Please support the company by ordering as many books as you can."
Honest Man Wayne Bell--Keep it up!
USA Bruce 1(NYC)9/6/2011 9:21 PM

I paraphrase here: In a time of lies, speaking the truth is revolutionary. Who would have ever dreamed that in America, an honest chronicling of that fateful day would be controversial. 
We Shall Never Forget 9/11 - A Graphic Coloring Novel
We Shall Never Forget 9/11 - A Graphic Coloring Novel

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4 to 6$3.99
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13 to 9999$2.49

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Product Reviews

(27 Ratings, 3 Reviews) Average Rating:
Human Events
Spencer, Robert (Jihad Watch) 11/4/2011 1:58 PM
With no sense of irony whatsoever, CAIR’s Dawud Walid thundered: “This publisher is doing a disservice to innocent young minds by showing this type of nonsense. Every single reference to Muslims in [the book] has to do with radical extremists and depictions of people being terrorists.” Well, Walid, maybe if radical, extremist, terrorist Muslims, acting in the name of Islam and motivated by Islamic teaching, hadn’t murdered 3,000 Americans on Sept. 11, 2001, a coloring book about that terrible day would depict Muslims in a different way. But of course, this is the one truth that Hamas-linked CAIR and its allies and useful idiots would most like to obfuscate, so as to more easily advance their narrative that Muslims are victims and the problem is really “Islamophobia.” But as far as Wayne Bell of Really Big Coloring Books is concerned, We Shall Never Forget is just telling the truth: “Every time we mention one of the hijackers, we call them what they are. And that’s what parents wanted. Radical. Islamic. Muslim. Extremists. And every time we mention one of the hijackers like the three guys that drove the plane into the Pentagon, there’s nothing else you can call them. I mean, what do you think, they’re having a bad hair day?”
Truth is the Truth.
B., J. (Military) 10/3/2011 9:07 AM
How can you “demonize” those who behave like demons already. They act and speak like the demons from the pits of Hell. Truth, mixed with lies, is not truth
United States Marine
Jim B. (USA) 10/3/2011 9:04 AM
Show them no mercy and tell the children the truth. Islam is in no way about “peace” except the peace of the grave. And, truly, there will be no peace in the grave for them. I served 35 years in the USMC and Army and two tours to Iraq. The terrorists really do not care who they murder. They just want to murder. When confronted, they hide behind women and children. If you fire, the women and children will be hit. If you do not fire, your men die. Show people like this no mercy and do not give in. God bless your work to tell the truth. P.S. I have friends in Uganda with small kids. Do you have something that would be appealing to African children? I served in Iraq with many Ugandan’s. They speak English there.

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