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Being Gay Is Okay Coloring Book Novel

Price: $6.99
Item Number: SCB-BGIOK
Manufacturer: Really Big Coloring Books, Inc. ®
Being Gay Is Okay
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*UPDATING NOW FOR THE 2021 reprint version, do you have any input? email today, let us know!

This book is about Education, Diversity and Inclusion.
The "Being Gay is Okay Book" is considered controversial by some and contains information for adults, educators and older children. Subject matter in the book is realistic, constructed biographically with integrity and in no way encourages any sexual behavior. This book relfects truth and reality. When a parent finds out their child may be gay, this book may be helpful.

An innovative coloring and activity book for children, adults and educators on Gay life. Introducing the Fabulous Gay Sharing Cards™ of role models, which any child could look up to.
This book is designed as an introduction to the diverse LGBT community and history. While a wide variety of subjects are covered, it is direct and inclusive, the book does not attempt certain topics of the community. Participants in making of the book were 50% LGBT members and 50% people that previously knew little about the gay community. YES, we used the word "fabulous" several times in the book, (look up the meaning) because that word, makes-people-smile. Whether people agree with the meaning of this book or not, it is nice to see a smile when discussing the topic: even when the disagreements are strong. Adult Coloring Books

In the USA every 24-36 months, 500,000 to one million children begin to think or discover they may be homosexual. This book helps a family begin to understand the thoughts that have developed in the mind of an individual. The book takes a common sense approach to the subject for a family or person who wishes to further their understanding of the LGBT community. It can be used to help explain a friend, family member or a neighbor is Gay and can also be used as an anti-bullying book.

CBS - News
Gay Coloring Book Draws Controversy -  KEYE Austin, TX
Allison Sallee, who is a psychologist with Tejas Family Guidance, says some kids question their sexuality at a very young age. "I've definitely had kids who believe they may be gay, lesbian or bisexual come in at 10 or 11," said Sallee. Sallee believes the 40-page coloring book -- complete with a sample coming out letter -- and gay celebrity trading cards -- is a great teaching tool -- for any age. "It's a really non-threatening way to talk about that. I like that," added Sallee.
Alex Boyer CBS Austin, TX

OUT Magazine - Here Media Inc
"A practical (and fabulous) approach for children, adults, and educators to address gay life. The book can act as a fun coffee-table conversation starter, an introduction into gay culture and history, and/or a guide for folks who may be struggling with understanding their own sexuality or the sexuality of others. Or you can just marvel that there are gay trading cards. Overall, the novel’s main message is that being gay is something to be celebrated and there is community, history and resources to be found in LGBTQ culture. If you're looking for a great way to educate a child or friend or want to spice up your road trip or waiting room, check out Being Gay Is Okay. Or just buy it to have fun at your next dinner party."
By Chloe Fitzpatrick OUT Magazine  Here Media Inc.

In a US citizens lifespan of 73 years, there will be a minimum of 40 million Americans born that will grow up lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered. This discovery of being Gay will need discussion. Everyone knows the topic itself is not new. This approach to the subject, for educators, parents and their children, is new.

At a time of interest, this book offers the reader, true-to-life examples of people that have already grown through the Gay discovery time period of life. It educates highlights and brings forth positive discussion about the topic. The book does not promote a specific LGBT agenda and reading this book will not make a person Gay, nor does the book encourage any person to become Gay. The book showcases what already exists and provides a positive reflection with role models than anyone can look up to.

An excellent tool for use in Diversity Awareness Programs for individuals, small companies and corporations. Highlighting sexual orientation, gender identity including resources on tolerance, acceptance and inclusion. The book is tastefully presented with credentials, references and information that is appropriate for use in schools. (Being featured on a Fabulous Gay Sharing Card™ denotes a supporter of the Gay community and does not refer to anyone's personal sexual orientation.)

Dr. Deb Pontillo - a pediatric psychologist and expert in child development, behavior, and learning.
Pontillo thinks most of the book will simply go over a child's head with no harm, but she also sees pages they will understand, like the one with a family with two dads, and she says that's a good thing. "You know, we're not talking about sexuality. We're not talking about what that means to be in love. We're just talking about different kinds of families, and everyone's family is different and here's what my family looks like, and let's color it," said Pontillo.  What Pontillo really likes about the book is that it's a creative way to get people talking about an issue many find uncomfortable, but must face.
How to help my Child with Dr. Deborah Pontillo

Controversial gay coloring book hits store shelves.
"There's nothing in the book about sex. There's no agenda in the book," says Bell. "You know, I think it's education, and I don't think there's ever a harm to education," Child Psychologist Deb Pontillo said. From fabulous gay role models to a map of same sex marriage states, the "Being Gay is Okay" coloring book is like nothing you or your children have ever seen before.  Steve Price Reporter - CBS

St. Louis Post Dispatch
Coloring Book for kids "Being Gay is Okay"
Parents and teachers have a new way to talk to kids about homosexuality: a coloring book called "Being Gay Is Okay."
Jane Henderson book editor St. Louis Post Dispatch

Windy City Media Group - Chicago
Innovative coloring book, 'Being Gay is Okay'
“The book includes so much information delivered in so many ways, in just those few pages. This is nothing close to a typical coloring book. It's so complex it needs an index for its content (42 pages plus inset cards). It is written for children, so it uses basic language. But that kind of makes it fun to read., an amazing undertaking that could shatter some earth views.”  
"Highly recommended”  -  Tracy Baim Publisher, Windy City Media Group

Fox News 7 Austin
Controversial coloring book educates kids on homosexuality
The book has bright colors, features a gay marriage certificate and a sample  coming out letter.
By Alex Villarreal

"Being Gay is Okay" coloring book and trading cards
First and foremost it is a coloring book, but the trading card part seems like  an interesting idea."

River Front Times
Coloring Book wants kids to know "Being Gay is Okay"
The coloring book includes trading cards of famous gays and lesbians (Anderson Cooper, Jodie Foster, Barney Frank and more), a gay marriage certificate and a sample coming-out letter."
 Chad Garrrison Managing Editor River Front Times

Huffington Post - LGBT News - Gay Voices
Look: Innovative New Coloring Book says: "Being Gay is Okay"
Quick Read: LGBT News, Culture, Opinion and Conversation Huff Post Gay Voices

Orange News Service - United Kingdom
'Being Gay is Okay' Colouring Book
A colouring book for children called Being Gay is Okay has been released this week. Described as a "practical examination of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender life)".
Qurkies Editor Orange News

Newsonia News Service - Europe
A colouring book for children called ‘Being Gay is Okay’ AWESOME!
Newsonia Global Wire and News Service

China Daily - China

A colouring book for children called ‘Being Gay is Okay’
China Daily - Editors Pick

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You can order as may times as you wish. Shipping to Europe (1-book=$7.95, 2-books=$12.95, 3-books= $18.95, etc)

ISBN: 978-1-61953-043-0 | UPC: 8 22754 30430 8
8.5" wide x 11" tall | 40 pages
Plus 8 pages removable 4-color gloss card stock
Fabulous Gay Sharing Cards™.
Being Gay Is Okay - Fabulous Gay Sharing Cards
Being Gay Is Okay - Fabulous Gay Sharing CardsChildren adults and educators gay bookYou are okay to be GayComing Out LetterGay Family OkayBiographies Fabulous GaysCertificate of Marriage GayFabulous Gay SupportersGay Hater Phelps Westboro

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Product Reviews

(36 Ratings, 8 Reviews) Average Rating:
Groundbreaking - On Target - Personal
Diversity Awareness M.W (Illinois) 4/5/2013 2:19 PM
This book is for anyone not just for the gay community. A refreshing common sense interpretation of some of the many LGBT issues we are all watching on the daily newscasts. The book brings into a very personal reality what the broadcasters has been talking about for years. You want to know if you can be gay and successful: yes you can be. This is a snap shot in a moment of time: a comprehensive viewpoint of life as a gay. The book is not about sex it's about gay people the lifestyle and how magnificent a life can be. No lights, no camera, no action; just the book. It is real and I like it! There has never been a book published like this one. (Could have done without the Barney Frank card---how about a nice gay republican next time.-- :) )
Happy Days - Gay Trading Cards
Laura S. (Saint Louis) 4/3/2013 3:39 PM
We ordered 6 books. I am sure we will get more soon enough. Already Jane in our office has traded her Bernie Sanders and Richard Chamberlain for my Jody Foster. Mysteriously, Jody Foster went missing from Neven’s copies as well. All positive vibes for the big coloring book company! THANKS.
Long time coming.
P.K.- Accountant (Saint Louis County) 4/2/2013 1:23 PM
This book was a long time coming, congratulations. Our office purchased five.
Addressing a Core Belief
James R. (MS) 4/2/2013 11:40 AM
The "Being Gay is Okay" book brings home a thought provoking reality that being gay really might be okay. Friends and I went through this book. It is an interesting book, educational, informative and not 'inappropriate' as my one conservative buddy expected. The people mentioned inside are successful, modern, everyday, famous and true to life role models. Excellent examples anyone can look up to. The only "fault" my one conservative friend could find, is that some of the people are gay, which is not a fault at all. I think this company is engaging people in heavy discussion with the book. Admittedly one friend said it really him made him uncomfortable to think being gay is okay, direct opposite of his upbringing. While addressing a core belief is not easy, accolades on the work, let alone, the bravery it took to publish and distribute. I think the coloring book company understands some individuals will accept this product while others will take offense at the mere name. As Martin said......Keep Hope Alive.
Just what the country needed.
J., Braun (Illinois) 3/30/2013 9:28 PM
After reviewing the beautiful sharing cards and reading through the book, my partner and I left it out for our grand children to find when they came over today. One child is 14 and the other is 12. What a great time and conversation we had about gay people. Just what the country needed; plain spoken, easy to understand, elegant and a classy representation of wonderful human beings. An interesting day and evening with an incredible new coloring book. This took a tiny little burden off our shoulders. Thanks.

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