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Our Imprintable Coloring Books are books that reflect your business! Looking to get a promotional coloring book that reflects your business, we can do all the work for you! All these imprint coloring books are designed to promote childhood education along with your business. Saddle stitched binding to protect little fingers. We use Green Technology that is friendly to the environment with Soy Inks and Recycled Paper! The best deal in the USA and with American Made Products for American jobs.

  *On all Canadian orders please call 1-800-244-2665, we will process your order on the phone to address duties, VAT, GST, shipping and customs questions, etc.*

This coloring book on local lions clubs is designed specifically for use in local communities at the request of the respective local club.

The book reflects Lions Club values based on conversations with local club officers from around the USA and Canada. The book does not carry the international logo and therefore no commission is being paid to LCI on the sale of this product to the local club. You are welcome to add your own logos locally for your specific use.

This product is used on a local level to help distribute information about our club.
Any logo information on the product will be added at the local level by the local club authorized representatives or membership at their sole descretion.

Call 1-800-244-2665 for details.
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The Lions Clubs - Imprintable Coloring & Activity Book
The Lions Club's - Imprintable Coloring & Activity Book
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The Lions Club's - Imprintable Coloring & Activity Book
The Kids Guide to Lions Clubs is a book written by Really Big Coloring Books, Inc. One of the nations largest and oldest service organizations. This fun 12 page small coloring book is used by Lions Clubs Members around the world to teach children.

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