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Nawty Dawg Big Heart - Ecco Goes to the Opera

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Nawty Dawg Big Heart - Ecco Goes to the Opera


Janet Hopkins, Mezzo-Soprano, is no stranger to the stage. Her career includes 16 years as a principal solo artist with the Metropolitan Opera, Dallas Opera, Bronx Opera, Carnegie Hall, the Verbier Festival, the Kennedy Center and many more. Janet’s most noteworthy performances include: “Die Walkure”, “Barber of Seville”, “Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk”, “Verdi’s Requiem”, “Pierrot Lunaire” and “Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony”.

Janet’s recording resume’ is comprised of the following: “The Ghosts of Versailles” and “Elektra” (DVDs), along with 13 performances over the Texaco Broadcast’s “Live from the Met” series. Additionally, Janet’s portfolio includes: Ulysses Kay: “Works for Chamber Orchestra and Soprano”, “When I have Sung my Songs”, “Cycles of the Moon” (Ayala Asherov) and “ARIA”.  “ARIA” was recorded at Capitol Records and marketed with a personally blended red wine through Tulip Hills Winery. Currently, Janet is starring in the exciting premieres of “The Katie Luther Project” in St. Louis, Missouri and “Cavalleria Rusticana” in Riverside, California.
To learn more about Ms. Hopkins please visit

Ecco is the “Spokes Dog” for Nawty Dawg Big Heart, LLC. His efforts have helped thousands around the globe by raising monetary and tangible donations through networking. His messages of sharing and caring have made a huge impact in the lives of humans and animals through the following: Education, Awareness, Philanthropy, Community Service, Random Acts of Kindness and Anti-Bullying.
To learn more about Ecco, the Canine Philanthropist, visit:
                        Facebook: Ecco D’Oro
                        Twitter: @EccoDOro
                        You Tube: Ecco Rocks

3 year -old miniature dachshund, Bella, was adopted by Janet Hopkins in 2011. Desperately in need of a “forever” home, this mischievous pup found her way into the heart of an opera singer and into a home that she shares with a rescued kitty! Bella was soon joined by third rescue, Mia, a 10 year- old special needs mini, and together this quartet lives in perfect harmony. They all celebrate saving each other.

Rosie was an extremely sick, death row kitty when rescued. After 7 long weeks of intense medical treatment and love, she made a complete recovery and is now Ecco’s favorite feline sidekick! Rosie is under the impression that she is a dog. We haven’t had the heart to tell her the truth in 5 years.

Sammie, the Siamese, is a reincarnated Egyptian Princess that mysteriously lost her tail and ended up in a shelter. She was adopted by a couple who said she was “high maintenance”. While Ecco’s human was on a real estate appointment at the couple’s residence, the couple disclosed that they were divorcing and were going to take Sammie back to the shelter. She had “issues” and frequently hid under the sofa. She became the newest member of Ecco’s family that day. It became apparent quickly that the reason why Sammie hid was because the couple smoked and she was asthmatic. She simply couldn’t breathe. 9 years later and 8 years “asthma free”, 17 year-old Sammie rules the house.

Valentino “Val” is an 18 year-old cockatiel. When Ecco’s human was going through a rough relationship, she fell in love with Val. At the age of 15, Val had a massive growth blocking his nostril. After a week at the specialist’s clinic, the growth was successfully removed and the staff fell in love with Val, too! Val has been the family’s faithful feathered friend for 17.5 years! He entertains everyone who enters their home by “wolf” whistling, telling them how pretty he is and attempting to tackle “The Andy Griffith Show” theme song (a work in progress)!

Nawty Dawg Big Heart - Ecco Goes to the Opera

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