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Dinosaurs Really Big Coloring Book with "Dinosaurs" Song

Price: $10.94
Item Number: BB-DINO-M
Manufacturer: Really Big Coloring Books, Inc. ®
Swampy, humid heat.  Smoke plumes from a volcano in the distance and lava slowly starts to flow.  What was rustling behind that tree?  Your heart stops.  It’s “Dinosaurs”!  From the best-selling book, now, the Big Book of Dinosaurs comes with the “Dinosaurs” songLearn about the many different types of dinosaurs while coloring, playing, dancing and singing along to the colossally scary, monstrously leathery, tremendously heavy song, “Dinosaurs”!

*Click here to sample the song "Dinosaurs"

To purchase only the song visit:
This is a Really Big Coloring Book nearly 18” wide and 24” tall with 32 pages. Here’s a giant coloring book that is fitting for these giant creatures!

“Dinosaurs” Song Created by the Color Tones®
“Dinosaurs” by THE COLOR TONES® is a song co-written by the author of the Big Book of Dinosaurs and based of the book’s content.  From the vivid full-color front and back covers with accurate, engaging inside pages to spine-tingling, plodding song “Dinosaurs”, this book/song combo will spark your imagination and chill you to the bone!  THE COLOR TONES® use a palette of different musical styles to enhance the coloring book experience. Based out of Saint Louis, MO, THE COLOR TONES® are musicians of multiple generations with the aim to make music fun for all ages and the generations to come. By mixing color, music and poetry, THE COLOR TONES® inspire a sense of wonder, imagination and creativity under the banner of peace, love and good vibes.

“Dinosaurs” is written by N. Wayne Bell and written, composed, arranged and performed by Charles Calello.  Produced by Tony Bongiovi.  Published by Color Tunes Publishing©.  Produced by Big Books Productions©.

Each inside page is a high-bright, white paper that children can use crayons, colored pencils, magic markers and even water colors on! The pages are perforated!

Really Big Coloring Books ® (RBCB) are manufactured in the United States with Soy Ink and guaranteed 100% safe against non-toxic inks, paints and dyes!

**For Wholesale pricing orders, of 12 or more, on this book please visit or call 314-725-1452.


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ISBN: 0-9727833-3-4
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Dinosaurs Really Big Coloring Book with Dinosaurs Song
Dinosaurs Really Big Coloring Book with Dinosaurs SongDinosaurs Really Big Coloring Book - page 7Dinosaurs Really Big Coloring Book - page 10Dinosaurs Really Big Coloring Book - page 13Dinosaurs Really Big Coloring Book - page 21Dinosaurs Really Big Coloring Book with Dinosaurs Song back cover

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