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Turn off the TV – Staying active and smart while staying home: 5 tips from

As we all adjust to our new schedules, especially for school children, there is a lot to consider. We want to maintain some form of regular exercise, stay creative and engaged, continue our education, and most of all…maintain our sanity XD.

We here at understand and present our top 5 tips for Staying active and smart while staying home. It is our mission to continue to provide important content for children and adults of all backgrounds so that we can all make it through the spread of COVID-19 and quarantines.


Number 5: Make a weekly schedule…AND stick to it!

Keeping a regular schedule has a lot of benefits and may seem like an obvious tip and its super important. Sit down as a family and make a family schedule along with a personal schedule. Leave time for recreation, daily exercise (sometimes a solid 10 minute walk will do wonders), a creative activity, proper eating habits, and education!

We recommend our Weekly Activity Kit that includes a weekly schedule. It’ll keep everyone engaged while staying at home and helps reinforce the idea of a schedule. We also have kept the price super low because we care about you and your family in this time of uncertainty.


Number 4: Morning routines

Starting the day right will set a tone and pace for the day. A good stretch, a good meal, some light reading, and discussing the positives from the day before can have a huge impact on how you and your family enjoy the day. Find a morning routine that works for you and one that incorporates an activity you enjoy. The more you enjoy your morning routine the more likely you are to do it, so find out what works best for you and your family.


Number 3: Mix it up!

We’ve talked about schedules and a good routine, although keeping everything too rigid can be problematic as well. Find time to mix things up every so often. Find an article you wouldn’t typically read. Draw a picture of something you wouldn’t normally draw. Discuss a new topic or hey, just say something really, really silly like “Bananas bounce when buying bowling shirts off Amazon!”

It’s important to keep things fresh and new while staying at home, nothing creates boredom quicker than doing the same exact thing over and over again.

Number 2: Listening to others

Important tip! Staying active also means staying alert and attentive to the needs/wants of others, especially children. Just listening to someone can really put their mind at ease and help that person maintain focus. Keeping an active mind is critical for development and learning. While social distancing it can be tough to talk to others like previously before so be sure to listen to others when they are reaching out.

It’s also good to call friends/family on a regular basis as well. Talk to them and listen to them, ask about their day and anything interesting they have learned recently. Group learning/discussion is a great way for everyone you know to stay active together.


Number 1: Coloring!

Okay so we’re a little biased on this tip! J It can be easy to slip into bad habits while staying at home. This includes excessive television, excessive phone use, excessive snacking/eating, and stressing out. The great part of coloring is that it eliminates all these potential problems. Coloring is a creative and super relaxing, it also keeps the hand/mind engaged and busy. Coloring is also a great family activity that often leads to great discussions and opening up the mind to freely talk about anything.

Keeping the mind engaged and active is the most important part of staying at home. We hope all these tips connect with you and your family during these new and challenging times.

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