The Lions Clubs Giant Coloring Book

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Really Big Coloring Books, Inc. introduces The Pride of Lions, a giant coloring book designed to help children understand the values of Lions Clubs. This coloring book has been designed to help inspire children to make a positive difference in their communities and become future members of their Lions Clubs. This giant book details the benefits of volunteering in a fun and engaging way.

An educational giant story and coloring book that will last for months, this Really Big Coloring Book measures 18” x 24” and has a bright, full color cover on a strong, card stock finish! Each page is perforated with a high-bright, white paper that children can use crayons, colored pencils, magic markers and even water colors on. Inside are 32 pages of fantastic art and a story that covers children’s programs. This book introduces children to Lionism!

Really Big Coloring Books ® (RBCB) are manufactured in the United States with Soy Ink and guaranteed 100 percent safe against non-toxic inks, paints and dyes!

17" wide x 23" tall
32 pages

Realy Big Coloring Book for Lions Clubs

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