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Downloadable Fundraising Flyer LapTop Coloring Books ® (17" x 11")

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Click here to download a PDF of the LapTop Coloring Book Fundraising Sheet!

LapTop Coloring Books® have sold very well in fundraising & retail markets! 
 LapTop Coloring Books ® "A Panoramic Coloring Experience" are all 17" wide by 11" high and will keep a child entertained for many hours. We manufacture kids' coloring books at the best competitive rates. 
We participate in Green Technology that is friendly to the environment with soy inks, recycled paper and the sustainable forestry initiative! Coloring Books designed to help kids have fun! Here you can purchase one (1) copy or a truckload.

Laptop Coloring Books! (17" x 11")
The normal cost on this line of books for fundraising is $2.49; and you can re-sell for $4.00-$5.00 each; easily making a profit of $2.00-$3.00 per book sold.

These new books are simply fantastic and fun! The LapTop books bring out the art of coloring in this high tech age, and help promote creativity in children and parents alike. Twenty four (24) pages that are a playful panoramic coloring view. Also included are interactive "Get Creative" pages that help promote creativity in coloring!
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