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Colorable Placemats

Colorable Placemats        
Placemats are new and available to the retail markets! Our Placemats are all 17" wide by 11" high and will keep a child or adult entertained for many hours. Don't let anybody play with their food - give them a placemat to play with instead. These fun-filled placemats measure 11" x 17" and are a hit with kids, and now adults, at restaurants, special events, schools, birthday parties and more! Featuring various themes (butterflies, dinosaurs, ocean, princesses, space, trains), they can complete fun activities like a maze, a word search and connect-the-dots as well as color.
*Ask about our Imprintable and Custom Coloring Placemats, we can make a fully custom placemat for your restaurant to cater towards your audience!
Call 1-800-244-2665 for details.
Every City - Every County - Every State
Coloring Placemats
14 different placemats to choose from. Just a print and ship placemat. 17" wide x 11" tall, printed on a nice bright white paper.
Imprintable Coloring Placemats
14 different placemats to choose from. Imprint a logo and business information on these placemats (black ink only) call 1-800-244-2665 for more details if you want the imprint in full color. 17" wide x 11" tall, printed on a nice bright white paper.
Imprintable - 4 page Coloring Book w/ Song that unfolds into a Placemat©
4 page Coloring Book that unfolds into a Placemat© 11" x 17" (unfolded) 5.5” x 8.5” (folded). Our Coloring Book Placemats are 11” x 17”, when unfolded, printed on both sides in full color, and folded twice to create an 4 page coloring book.
'Fully Custom' Coloring Placemats
Have our talented staff of illustrators create a placemat for you or your business. Just give us some ideas on what you'd like on it and we will make it happen. 17" wide x 11" tall. Black ink only, full color will be an added fee. Call for details.
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